[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] multichannel cook support (working)

Benjamin Larsson banan
Sat Apr 25 11:44:59 CEST 2009

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:47:55PM +0200, Benjamin Larsson wrote:
>> Hi, this is the first patch towards complete multichannel support in
>> cook. I tried to make this as atomic and small as possible. I am the
>> maintainer for the file but as the patch is quite large so I want some
>> comments. So any comments ?
>> After the patch there will follow a set of changes for some cosmetics
>> and then proper channel layout handling.
>> Credits for figuring out all this goes to Sasha Sommer.
> Missing context in av_log
> mc_cook.diff:734:+        av_log(NULL,AV_LOG_ERROR,"total %i\n",q->subpacket[s].total_subbands);
> divide by 2^x could use >> maybe
> mc_cook.diff:425:+                          p->bits_per_subpacket/8);
> mc_cook.diff:462:+            decode_bytes_and_gain(q, p, inbuffer + sub_packet_size/2, &p->gains2);
> mc_cook.diff:688:+                    q->subpacket[s].samples_per_channel = q->subpacket[s].samples_per_frame / 2;
> Missing changelog entry (ignore if minor change)

Valid stuff, will take care of those.

> i think factoring COOKSubpacket out should be a seperate patch

Ok, I'll minimize the changeset as much as I can. And commit the mc
parts afterwards.

Benjamin Larsson

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