[FFmpeg-devel] AVPacket question regarding reading frames from a 3GP file.

SiM simithn
Mon Apr 27 09:50:23 CEST 2009

Hello All,
                 I'am new to ffmpeg devel , and i have a question regarding
h263 (ffmpeg) and rtp (not using ffmpeg rtp), with relation to a 3gp file.
I have a 3GP file, which i need to transmit over the network over RTP. I
have an RTP stack, and RFC 2190 packetizer.
Now I'am able to open the file, codec, create the Format context etc. as
given in this excellent example source code.

My question is as i read the video stream, which is h263  encoded from the
3GP file using av_read_frame(), i get the data in the AVPacket struct,
now can anyone tell me what i'am supposed to do from here, am i supposed to
send the AVPacketData directly to the Packetizer
or should i do something else before it is packetized (to collect a whole
frame etc. )and send via RTP.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Simith Nambiar

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