[FFmpeg-devel] LPCM for mpeg-ts, the third

Christian P. Schmidt schmidt
Sun Aug 2 16:50:17 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Attached is another try. I incorporated most of the suggestions.

Thanks to Baptiste for pointing out that decoders can change the
SAMPLE_FMT. Fixed what was breaking. 16bit->16bit and 20/24bit->32bit

ffplay crashes are indeed related to non-working error handling there.

I also received the information that there is no difference in 20bit
storage compared with 24bit, just the header is different. Added it,
even though apparently noone ever saw a 20bit BluRay ;)

It's pretty unlikely now that the DVD LPCM will share much of the code
so I renamed the functions to bluray and removed the supporting code and


PS: I thought 132 chars was a reasonable, if not small width... oh well.
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