[FFmpeg-devel] Remove some optimizations from Makefile

ami_stuff ami_stuff
Sun Aug 2 18:26:13 CEST 2009

> Please don't waste my time with emulators.  There is no point
> whatsoever in running FFmpeg on an emulator.


32x32->64 asm code is tested on the real hardware, so let's see if it can be
included for FFmpeg.

> > I have no real hardware here,
> If you don't even have hardware, why do you care so much about this
> obsolete architecture?

Because it's the fastest 68060 CPU produced by Motorola used with classic (m68k) Amiga
and I want to make FFmpeg run as fast as possible on it like with 32x32->64 code.

PPC is also obsolete, but people optimize the code for it like you ;)

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