[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Playlist API

Geza Kovacs gkovacs
Sat Aug 8 04:14:35 CEST 2009

On 08/07/2009 06:00 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> Now the problem with this is of course that you'll hit MAX_STREAMS
>> rather quickly,
> well, yes, MAX_STREAMS should really be droped and replaced by a dynamically
> allocated array, if your code depends on that you will have to implement that
> unless someone has already done it and i forgot it ...
> this does not seem like that much work, and it is something that will make
> some peoplr happy even without playlists, we have at least one bug on roundup
> due to it IIRC

I see some discussion but not any patches, I'll work on fixing it then.

>> and it required some additional code to check if the
>> AVFormatContext is a playlist and if yes then offset the stream indexes
>> accordingly, but other than that it worked well.
> not sure if i understand that ...

What I meant was that in this case each stream has a "local" stream
index (within the actual demuxer), and except for streams from the first
element these differ from the "global" stream index (within the playlist
demuxer). Hence instances of the stream_index which are read directly
from the actual demuxer, say like AVPacket->stream_index, need to be
modified to the global stream index; thankfully in the case of
AVPacket->stream_index I was able to change it to the global stream
index directly in ff_concatgen_read_packet, but there might be other
places where stream_index is obtained directly from the actual demuxer
where this might not be so convenient to implement.

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