[FFmpeg-devel] Additional RTSP issues

Stas Oskin stas.oskin
Mon Aug 24 15:29:27 CEST 2009

Hi Luca.

> On same subject here - is it possible to specify the server that I want to
> > use TCP over HTTP streaming?
> There is support for tcp but last time I looked you don't have it wired
> to an ffplay option (yet)

Any idea how to turn on the RTSP over TCP connection? Which parameter I need
to specify?

> rtsp-interleave (so you use the tcp rtsp connection to deliver rtcp and
> rtp) is standard and relatively easy to implement, http-tunnel isn't
> standard and the best documentation is looking at someonelse code...

Just to verify, rtsp-interleave is RTSP over TCP, right?
I more familiar with Live555/VLC terms.

Thanks again.

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