[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Bluray Subtitle Support, v7 (Updated patch to v12)

stev391 at exemail.com.au stev391
Wed Aug 26 23:41:45 CEST 2009

> Reimar D??ffinger <Reimar.Doeffinger <at> gmx.de> writes:
>> > but it works: And the timing
>> > is correct, which visibly is not for the original file
>> What do you mean?
> I believe Stephen Backway explained that Bluray subtitles are always shown
> too
> late - I can reproduce this with sample-dts-not-valid-dca-frame.m2ts, but
> not
> with the re-encoded file (that has correct timing).

Yes, this is definately the comment I made.

What command did you run to fix the timing of the subtitles?
If we can work out why the original files timing is out then hopefully we
can find a fix.  Once this is fixed it is a trivial task to make the end
display time correct.

>> Btw. what really confuses me is that ffplay -sst 5
> Thank you - I always used "t".
> [...]
>> > The resulting file can be encoded again successfully to dvdsub - why
>> doesn't
>> > this work directly?
>> It works directly for me (svn up, I applied the encoded buffer size
>> fix),
>> with this command line:
>> ffmpeg -i sample-dts-not-valid-dca-frame.m2ts -ac 2 -scodec dvdsub
>> test.mkv
> I did not test mkv, but it fails with the original file and mpeg, but
> succeeds
> from avi to mpeg (which makes me think "start only so far in" is not the
> issue).
>> Colours are "interesting" as always though.
>> mpeg is a bit of an issue, because the subtitles start only so far in I
>> guess, so ffplay doesn't know it is there or something and I don't know
>> which -sst to specify (maybe I should just play it with mplayer :-P).
> I had not much success with MPlayer with any files (except dvd/dvdnav)
> when
> searching for samples yesterday.
> Carl Eugen

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