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Tue Aug 25 22:50:44 CEST 2009

    x4->params.b_deblocking_filter         = avctx->flags &
    x4->params.i_deblocking_filter_alphac0 = avctx->deblockalpha;
    x4->params.i_deblocking_filter_beta    = avctx->deblockbeta;

Just turns them of or on.

struct SliceData in ipp contains basically the same:

   Ipp8u       disable_deblocking_filter_idc;  // deblock filter control,
0=filter all edges 
    Ipp8s       slice_alpha_c0_offset;          // deblock filter c0, alpha
table offset 
    Ipp8s       slice_beta_offset;              // deblock filter beta table


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