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Tue Aug 25 22:50:44 CEST 2009

> Since function pointers are set in dsputil_init_armv6.c, maybe it's
> a good idea to check if unaligned access is available before using
> these function pointers?

That's unfortunately not possible.  However, I cannot fathom why
anyone would disable such a useful feature.

>> > To me it means that somebody added code that will crash most of htc
>> > phones, HTC been using that ARM1136 for years in most of their
>> > models!
>> What a shame HTC can't configure an OS properly.  Sorry, nothing I can
>> do about that.
> Well, if there is a possibility of such misconfiguration, then I
> think there should be some code to detect it, otherwise people will
> blame any SW for crashing, not the phone manufacturer

We could just refuse to run on winmo, that would solve a lot of

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