[FFmpeg-devel] Frame rate of ffplay while decoding H.264

Yi-Hung Wei freewisher
Mon Jul 6 17:25:44 CEST 2009

Dear all:

I'm new to ffmpeg. I would like to use the H.264 decoder of ffmpeg to
conduct some experiments. The performance of ffplay in my desktop is not
that good as I though.

I use the ffplay to decode some video clips. I use two video clips, one is
720x480(30FPS), and the other is 1280x720(30FPS). I can feel the
discontinuous of the display of ffplay, and by measuring the execution time,
the frame rate is about ~20fps for 720x480, and ~9fps (1280x720).

The video clips are encoded by JM encoder 15, and each video contains 8
slices. I build the ffplay in Ubuntu 9.04, kernel My processor is
AMD Phenom II X940(3GHz, Quad core), and there're 4GB DDR-2 RAM in my

What is the frame rate of yours while using ffpaly? Is there any
configuration that I should mind while building the ffmpeg? Or is there any
thing I can do to improve the performance of the decoding?

Best Regards,

Yi-Hung Wei

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