[FFmpeg-devel] patch for (deprecated) vhook/imlib2.c

Kalle Volkov kalle.volkov
Tue Jul 7 09:39:19 CEST 2009


i know that vhook is deprecated in next release of ffmpeg. but  
currently i found no other way to use overlay transparent PNG in video  
while encoding with ffmpeg.

also, i noticed and was troubled by the thing that the image was  
applied to unresized video, no, if i have different sizes of videos  
that i want to unite after resizing it's virtually impossible to do it  
without resizing image before.

so, without any other possibility (well, reading through google and  
ffmpeg lists archive) i created patch to vhook/imlib2.c to have two  
more optional parameters:
-X <expression> = width of the image applied (defaults to image width)
-Y <expression> = height of the image applied (defaults to image height)

usage expression is the same as with -x and -y, so some cool animation  
can be applied if needed.

please find patch attached and apply it to (deprecated) source if you  
find it useful. i, myself, can not live without it unless someone wise  
will direct me to needed direction :)

best regards,
kalle volkov

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