[FFmpeg-devel] Possible new feature: moving zoom

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Sun Jul 12 17:07:19 CEST 2009

On date Sunday 2009-07-12 16:53:23 +0200, Mark Roberts encoded:
> Hi,
> Mark Roberts:
>>> I am planning to implement a feature I need in ffmpeg.c.
> Stefano Sabatini:
>> ffmpeg.c is not the right place for that, have a look at
>> libavfilter. Note that a good amount of work is needed to get
>> libavfilter merged into the main trunk, help in that area is very
>> welcome.
> I am trying hard not to ask any silly questions. I have read the webpage, 
> the code, and the doc/ directory. I am still helpless:
> I cannot find an introduction to using libavfilter. The doxygen docs are  
> readable, but a working example or introduction could be useful as well.
> I don't see where libavfilter is used within ffmpeg. What am I  
> overlooking? Also I notice that within ffmpeg.c cropping (with -topcrop  
> etc.), padding (with -padtop etc.) and scaling (with -s) are coded  
> directly. I would have expected libavfilter to be used there, if it were  
> available and working.

Have a look here:

BTW that page is outdated, have a look here for my listing of the
currently missing points:

> Thanks for any clarifications.

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