[FFmpeg-devel] Discussion about Color and light correction tools in libavfilter

Jean-Michel Pouré jmpoure
Tue Jul 14 09:48:08 CEST 2009

Dear all,

> Besides this, things like level/curve/gamma/mix are very simple filters
> that require only <10 lines of code each, whats complex on these filters
> would be the user interface. I mean a user interface that provides
> feedback like preview, histogramms, ... but then thats for a picture editor
> for a video player feedback/preview is a rather simple thing ...

We will implement a user interface in Kdenlive and each software will do

Our priority is to propose a working solution to correct color and
light. This is for Kdenlive next release, not in 6 months. Otherwise,
advanced users may not use Kdenlive or may turn to closed software.

Stefano, when do you think the wrappers to mplayer filters and Gimp
filter will be ready? I am a beginner in C. Can I propose some code, or
would it be more easy for you to propose your own solution?

I am not familiar with Google summer of code and I have no idea what
this implies in terms of collaboration.

> >  
> > Also note that in the medium / long term it would be a good idea to
> > implement a plugin system for filters, to make easy extend lavfi
> > without patching/recompilation.
> doesnt seem particularely high importantance ATM 


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