[FFmpeg-devel] Additional RTSP issues

Stas Oskin stas.oskin
Tue Jul 14 17:21:07 CEST 2009


In addition to the SEQ problem that I'm working on right now, I have other 2
issues which I might be able to tinker:

1) There is a delay between the moment initial connection to RTSP is done
,and before the read__packet() returns the first packet. The delay is about
2-3 seconds, and then all the packets for these seconds are returned at once
(one after another), with AV_NOPTS_VALUE for their PTS/DTS value.

Other RTSP implementation don't seem to have this issue.

Any idea if it's as intended, and there any setting which controls it? If
not, is it a know issue, which can be solved?

2) It seems that current RTSP implementation doesn't send keep-alive signals
- at least  it seems as I'm stopping receiving packets after 20 sec, and
then I need to reconnect to the source.

There seems to be a patch that was submitted, but no indication whether it
was really accepted. Any idea what it's status, and what should be improved
there to support more keep-alive scenarios?

Thanks for your help!

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