[FFmpeg-devel] Additional RTSP issues

Stas Oskin stas.oskin
Tue Jul 14 18:01:41 CEST 2009


the player (basically, you cannot receive reliable timestamps until the
> first
> RTCP SR packet has been received).

Just a question about design - why to keep these packets buffered (as it
seems to happen now), and not return them immediately to user, for his

 Other RTSP implementation don't seem to have this issue.

Some players return fake timestamps until the first RTCP SR packet is
> received
> (for example, if receiving a multicast stream with "vlc file.sdp" you can
> see
> a discontinuity in the audio or in the video after few seconds).

Thanks for the explanation, this clarifies the matter indeed.

Any good scheme to fake these timestamps?
Maybe just taking the first X correct timestamps, then approximate backwards
for the non-stamped packets?


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