[FFmpeg-devel] TrueHD track in EVO not playable/testable with ffplay

Ramiro Polla ramiro.polla
Tue Jul 14 19:59:13 CEST 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 6:02 PM, Justin Ruggles<justin.ruggles at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you decide on using channels + request_channels + output_channels,
> here is what I think should happen.
> demuxer/parser : set channels to the number of source channels,
> completely ignoring request_channels.
> decoder : during init(), set channels to the number of source channels,
> set output_channels to what it will output, trying if it can to honor
> request_channels.
> The user can see if output_channels matches request_channels after
> decoder init.

And what shall the user do if output_channels has no value after decoder init?

Ramiro Polla

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