[FFmpeg-devel] Discussion about Color and light correction tools in libavfilter

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Tue Jul 14 23:30:58 CEST 2009

On date Tuesday 2009-07-14 09:48:08 +0200, Jean-Michel Pour? encoded:
> Dear all,
> > Besides this, things like level/curve/gamma/mix are very simple filters
> > that require only <10 lines of code each, whats complex on these filters
> > would be the user interface. I mean a user interface that provides
> > feedback like preview, histogramms, ... but then thats for a picture editor
> > for a video player feedback/preview is a rather simple thing ...
> We will implement a user interface in Kdenlive and each software will do
> so. 
> Our priority is to propose a working solution to correct color and
> light. This is for Kdenlive next release, not in 6 months. Otherwise,
> advanced users may not use Kdenlive or may turn to closed software.
> Stefano, when do you think the wrappers to mplayer filters and Gimp
> filter will be ready? I am a beginner in C. Can I propose some code, or
> would it be more easy for you to propose your own solution?

I can't predict, but given the trend not before the end of the summer.
Currently fixing framework issues has the priority.

Also note that the MPlayer/libmpcodec filters should be ported,
currently there is no sense into writing a wrapper around it. If
you're interested we can assist you into porting some filter from
libmpcodecs, just take one you find interesting and I'll try to review
your patches and answer your questions. Maybe that could be an
occasion for extending the tutorial we have in the multimedia wiki.

> I am not familiar with Google summer of code and I have no idea what
> this implies in terms of collaboration.

Simply you can post patches here or in the FFmpeg soc mailing list.

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