[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Playlist API

Geza Kovacs gkovacs
Thu Jul 16 02:59:02 CEST 2009

> Iam not against an API to work with playlists programmatically, that surely
> could be usefull, but i dont feel this is the right part to start reviewing.
> The way i see it, and iam of course open to suggestions and comments ...
> * There are many applications using libav*, the less modifications they need
>   to support a new feature, the better.
>   From this it follows that a play list protocol&demuxer should ideally build
>   its playlist from the string provided by the user.
>   That way, something like ffmpeg -i localfile.mpg,http://www.a.com/xyz.avi
>   could work with minimal changes to ffmpeg.c
>   That of course does not preclude a API to manipulate playlists from C, but
>   that seems secodary to me because its design might be affected by the
>   other requirements ...

I already had that implemented using multiple input files and a "-conc"
flag, but I've added your suggested interface as well. In the patch,
there are thus 3 ways to input playlists (the first 2 are implemented
with a patch against ffmpeg.c, the third will work on anything using

1. ffmpeg -i file1.avi,file2.mp4,file3.avi
2. ffmpeg -conc -i file1.avi -i file2.mp4 -i file3.mp4
3. ffmpeg -i playlist.m3u (pls and xspf formats also implemented in patch)

> * We like to be able to transcode playlists, so that a avi+mpg can be
>   reencoded, into lets say a .mov.
>   Not only that but we also like the new .mov and the previous playlist
>   to represent their data to the user similarly so that applications dont
>   need to have 2 ways to extract things like (song)title for each part.
>   The obvious choice here would be the AVChapters of the .mov as well as
>   the AVChapters of the playlist demuxer ...

Also already implemented, see concatgen.c in the patch for how this is done.
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