[FFmpeg-devel] rtpdec.c: AXIS 7401 RTCP RR Keep Alive SSRC

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Jul 23 11:56:53 CEST 2009

Hi Edward,

Edward Patton wrote:
> Hi
> I made this change to prevent the AXIS 7401 video server from timing out when sending H264 RTP streamed video.

Thanks for tracking this down. I have no AXIS server for testing, but
I know other people are seeing similar problems (I assume some IP
cameras show the same issue?)

> It appears the AXIS ignores the clients SSRC when it is the same as the servers SSRC. I fixed the client SSRC, but its supposed to be a random value (but fixed for the session).

The current code is... funny :)
If your change makes AXIS happier, I'd say to change
	put_be32(pb, s->ssrc); // our own SSRC
with something like
	put_be32(pb, OUR_SSRC); // our own SSRC
where OUR_SSRC is defined to 0x12345678 or some other

If noone complains, I'll commit this in the weekend.


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