[FFmpeg-devel] expert needed (will pay $$$) to help decomposeffmpeg.c into seperate runnable tasks

Vladimir Pantelic pan
Fri Jul 24 23:45:21 CEST 2009

Stuart Smith wrote:
> Hi Jason, maybe I didn't make myself clear so here goes ....
> The whole point is that we don't have separate processes - we will be using
> our own thread pool.
> The multi-threading should apply to each input i.e. if possible, the
> encoding/decoding should be independent and be able to run-ahead of each
> other if the workflow allows it (I don't know enough about encoding/decoding
> to determine if this is possible).
> It should also be possible to start processing the next input file whilst
> the previous file is still being processed so that we can get optimal CPU
> usage i.e. we don't want the standard scatter-gather approach whereby the
> main thread is waiting for all the other threads to finish before it can
> continue with the next job.
yes, but then just run every encode in its own process, why the threads
if you don't want them?

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