[FFmpeg-devel] Windows CE status

Martin Storsjö martin
Mon Jul 27 15:35:18 CEST 2009

On Mon, 27 Jul 2009, Ismail D?nmez wrote:

> Instead of disabling network support we could add some HAVE_ERRNO_H
> define to check if errno.h is there & usable.

I'm not really too fond of this idea. errno.h is needed for a lot of 
general error codes used by libav* everywhere, removing all the uses would 
be too much work IMO.

I think it'd be easier and better to get mingw32ce to accept a change to 
errno.h, making it includeable (so we'd get the definitions of EAGAIN, 
EINTR etc), but without the definition of the actual errno variable that 
isn't available in the libs.

For the actual usage of errno; there's a bunch of network-related cases of 
"strerror(errno)" in libavformat/tcp.c and udp.c that probably should be 
converted to use ff_neterrno() instead, but I guess one generally can't 
assume that return codes from ff_neterrno() can be passed to strerror 
(which isn't available on WinCE either).

In addition to these, there's one "strerror(errno)" in libavformat/mov.c 
and two in ffmpeg.c, and one occurrance of perror in ffmpeg.c.

My current local hack is just to make them no-ops through defines - that 
way all the accesses to errno vanish too, making it possible to focus one 
issue at a time.

// Martin

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