[FFmpeg-devel] full swscale relicensing to LGPL

Mike Melanson mike
Sat Mar 21 04:24:57 CET 2009

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> also i suspect yuv2rgb_template.c might need to be partly rewritten, that is
> if its authors cant be found or disagree (considering the problems we had
> with yuv2rgb.c thats not so unlikely ...
> (that is if someone wants to rewrite some trivial GPL MMX code -> LGPL MMX
>  for some of the money, offers are welcome ...)

Can you describe, at a high level, what might need to be re-written? 
Function descriptions, inputs, outputs? This might help those that may 
want to help, but don't want to be considered tainted by studying the 
existing code.


     -Mike Melanson

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