[FFmpeg-devel] using ffmpeg framework in commercial product

Massimiliano Mazzeschi max
Tue May 19 14:41:19 CEST 2009

We are developping a commercial product, and we need some
clarification about the policy for using ffmpeg executable
and libraries

- Scenario1
    we would use the ffmpeg executable to perform a transcoding.
    We have developped an application driven from our framework,
    that simply build a command line and exec the ffmpeg.exe
    with parameters.
    We would use the GPL version of ffmpeg.exe (just an external
    executable, without any modification, and no GPL code in our
    commercial product)
        - Can we use it, without infringement of the GPL License ?
        - Can we distribute it (in our cd-media, ftp, or other) ?
        Or we can just suggest the user to download the package
        form ffmpeg website ?
        If we are not allow to use GPL version, can do the above
        list with the LGPL version ?
- Scenario2
    in another part of the application we would like to use libavcodec,
    libavformat, libautil, and libswscale to manage multimedia files.
    we have written a glue library to let our sw modules use easly
    ffmpeg libraries read/write feature.
    Also in this case we would like to use the GPL version of the
    libraries. Does it implies to distribute our s/w library under
    GPL license ?
    If so, as we can't distribute under GPL our commercial product,
    is it possible to avoid this using the LGPL version ?

Of course we agree to distribute the ffmpeg.exe, libavcodec,
libavformat, libavutil, libswscale, source and/or binaries and the
GPL/LGPL license file

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