[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg for Mac

Graham Booker gbooker
Thu May 21 05:29:32 CEST 2009

On May 20, 2009, at 6:58 PM, vmrsss wrote:

> On 20 May 2009, at 21:09, Luca Barbato wrote:
>> you may use just a script that builds ffmpeg twice and then use  
>> lipo, probably a patch to automate that could be accepted...

We use a script in Perian to build libavcodec and libavformat and lipo  
them together: http://trac.perian.org/browser/trunk/ 
createStaticLibs.sh  It doesn't build FFmpeg, but it should give you a  
start.  The script works both on ppc and x86 macs, and builds both  
architectures (regardless of which you are using to build).  This  
build also includes MMX/SSE/Altivec optimizations, which are crucial  
if you care about speed.

> I am not sure at all why one would like to build ffmpeg (or indeed  
> any other thing) as a universal binary. I have successfully built  
> ffmpeg over the years for ppc ppc-64 x86 and x86_64, there is no  
> intrinsic difficulty with any of that, I just don't see why you  
> couldn't make these available trust people to download the one which  
> matches their architecture...

Apple has gone through great lengths to make the transition from PPC  
to x86 as easy as possible for the users.  As a result, many do not  
know which architecture their computer is running because they have  
never needed to know.  Granted, use of FFmpeg tends to be limited to  
the more technically inclined, it could be distributed as part of  
another project (under the appropriate license of course) with a nice  
GUI, thus lending its use to less technical users.

Also, I can add from personal experience through having both an x86  
and ppc mac, universal binaries are far more convenient because I can  
download an app once and install on both, or even execute apps from  
one on the other by mounting its disk.

- Graham

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