[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] AAC decoder channel layout support

Jason Millard jsm174
Sun Oct 11 14:20:00 CEST 2009

> >
> >   ./ffplay -f aac http://sc12.1.fm:7024
> >
> > I just removed the patch from nightly and the stream plays again.
> Plays fine with current svn here. Though SBR is still not supported yet.
I grabbed the nightly build and tried again. The stream would not play 8
times in a row. After the 9th time, it played. Sorry.

I spent some time debugging, and it turns out that most of the time (with
that stream), the first frame sent to aac_decode_frame() does not
immediately contain the 12-bit FFF. It then goes into element type while
loop, and then everything gets out of sync and just won't play.

My solution was just to return with a -1 if the FFF is not immediately
present. I'm sure this isn't probably a great solution, but the stream now
plays every single time.

Patch attached.

-- Jason
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