[FFmpeg-devel] DV Video and SAR

Charles Yates charles.yates
Wed Oct 14 21:58:47 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Wondered if you might consider the attached patches to dv handling.

First part corrects the SAR for anamorphic DVCPRO - basically, 960x720 16:9
material has a SAR of 4:3 (giving a presentation of 1280x720).

Second part enables the determination of the SAR from a direct use of the
codec (as opposed to restricting it to only being available via the avformat
raw dv avformat parser). There seems to be a hint in ffplay that SAR
reporting at the decode level should migrate to the AVFrame (would be nice
:-)), so this is certainly moving it in the right direction - but it's a
minimalist effort on my part, effectively copy/pasting the relevant parts
from the avformat side. Probably better to refactor correctly in parallel
with the AVFrame migration, but figured that it's better than nothing for


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