[FFmpeg-devel] Support for Unicode filenames on Windows: try #2

Karl Blomster kalle
Wed Oct 21 02:00:44 CEST 2009

a few months ago I submitted a terrible abortion of a patch to add support for 
Unicode filenames on Windows. Ramiro reworked it into something that was a lot 
better, but it never got applied because M?ns said he had some more comments, 
but then seemed to forget about it despite a few bumps. Hence, attempt #2.

I reworked Ramiro's patch a bit, so the support is enabled via a configure 
parameter. I don't really like the environment variable-based approach; anyone 
who uses libavformat on Windows most likely builds their own libraries and know 
if they want the option or not. I also doubt there's anyone insane enough to 
install libavformat-52.dll into system32, so there is no problem with shared 
libraries. Hence, I don't see the point of making it an environment variable at 
all, either you want to pass UTF8 strings or you don't; I doubt there are any 
programs who will want to switch between the two behaviors. You can also end up 
with bizarre bugs in different programs that use lavf if someone/something 
happens to set the variable globally.

Anyway, winutf8_try2.diff is my patch (probably full of bad and wrong things).
ramiro_winutf8_4.diff is Ramiro's old patch, attached for reference (it no 
longer applies, but the needed changes are pretty minor).

Best regards,
Karl Blomster
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