[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] fix sdp(file) vs rtsp dep

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Sat Oct 24 14:12:06 CEST 2009

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 11:24:18AM +0200, Luca Barbato wrote:
>> Diego Biurrun wrote:
>>> On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 01:59:37AM +0200, Luca Barbato wrote:
>>>> Diego pointed out that there was something wrong with the deps between
>>>> the sdp and the rtsp demuxer.
>>> There's also something wrong with the redir demuxer in the same file as
>>> the SDP and RTSP demuxers.  I could fix a link failure with
>>> --disable-mmx --disable-optimizations --disable-muxers --disable-protocols
>>> by putting the redir demuxer in its own file.
>>> Didn't you mention that it could be removed entirely?
>> It apparently should the code to handle 30x in http seems present, I
>> need to check rtsp but it's pretty much the same code and behavior.
> Please doublecheck and remove it if it's no longer necessary.

http correctly follows http redirect

rtsp does not follow rtsp redirect

redir can be removed and rtsp will get support for redirect like http.



Luca Barbato
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