[FFmpeg-devel] Passing Extra Parameters to URLContext

Stream Alerts support
Tue Oct 27 18:17:04 CET 2009

Hello, sorry to bother everyone but I have a quick question:
writing a custom access module to open a URL and I need to pass some
extra parameters to open it correctly. What is the best way to do this?

far I have tried to initialize an AVFormatContext with a ByteIOContext
and tried storing my data in the priv_data filed of a URLContext
assigned to the ByteIOContext's opaque field but when I call
av_open_input_file(&ic, is->filename, is->iformat, 0, NULL);
the proper AVFormatContext (ic), it seems to ignore the context I
provided and creates it's own. I also tried setting the
AVFormatParameters with preallocated_context but that didn't help
either. After the URL is opened I can access the URLContext data
without a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Chris Larsen  

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