[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] FFmpeg Foundation

Ivo ivop
Thu Oct 29 01:09:57 CET 2009


On Thursday 29 October 2009, 00:40:37, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> some developers have stated the intent to set up a NGO
> (non-governmental organization) to help us bring some structure,
> support and funding into the project. We haven't decided on a name
> yet, although people agree that we dislike "FFmpeg Foundation" - if
> you can suggest better names, please do so in this thread. Right now,
> we're at a point where I think most of the stuff is decided and there
> is just some paperwork to be filled out. All this with many thanks to
> Karen at the SFLC who helped to get all this going. The NGO will be
> registered in Delaware, USA (for administrative reasons). Its goal
> will be to "advance the state of free and open multimedia" or
> something like that.

I have some questions:

- Am I right in assuming this will be a Community Foundation?
- Have statutes and regulations been written and are they online somewhere 
so we can review them?
- How about copyrights? Have you considered trying to have contributors 
(past and present) to sign-over their copyright to this foundation?
- Also, probably a separate issue, but it's something I have thought about 
in the past, are you considering registering FFmpeg as a trademark?

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