[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] RTP H.264 invalid scaling dimension

Gordon Irlam gordonipub2
Fri Oct 30 20:35:03 CET 2009


I'm new to ffmpeg.

I was having problems using ffmpeg to read RTSP/RTP streams containing
H.264.  To simplify this problem I tried using the sample files
present with the Darwin streaming server, and get a similar error
using: ffmpeg -i rtsp://localhost/sample_h264_300kbit.mp4 [...]

swScaler: 3x0 -> 320x240 is invalid scaling dimension

And then ffmpeg immediatley exits.  The original image was 320x480,
but is incorrectly interpreted as 3x0 by parse_h264_sdp_line() inside

This is due to a small bug a patch for which is attached.

In reviewing the bug it might help to know the following declarations
in the code:
        char buf1[50];
        char *dst = buf1;

This patch fixes the problem, and ffmpeg now reads the RTSP/RTP
stream, although it gets numerous "non-existing PPS referenced"
errors, which I haven't yet been able to track down.

So I have a general question.  Given this bug appears to have been
present for a while, and seems like it may prevent RTP H.264 streams
from working at all, does anyone have any insight into the overall
state of the RTP H.264 code?  Just one or two more bugs to fix, or
likely to need a lot of work?

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