[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Move H264 dsputil functions into their own struct

Pavel Pavlov pavel
Tue Mar 16 03:06:48 CET 2010

> >> >> Mans Rullgard <mans at mansr.com> writes:
> > They provide implementations for some performance critical functions
> > from mp4-part 2 and 4.
> What do you mean by that?  MP4 is ISO 14496 part 14.  Assuming you
> meant MPEG4, we already have NEON code for the most important
> functions in 14496-2.  Part 4 is conformance testing so your statement
> makes little sense in relation to that.

I mixed it all up :) It should have been mpeg 4, part 2 and 10 :)

> > Other than that they provide aac and mp3 decoding functions,
> As I said, the openmax API is unusable and the code unreadable.  Why
> should we bother with it?

There is no reason to mess with it, I was just asking if that code could be useful. I had impression that in h263 there are only a few functions implemented in arm-asm.

PS. Sorry for previous empty mail, sent by mistake

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