[FFmpeg-devel] AAC decoder corrups memory?

Pavel Pavlov pavel
Wed Mar 17 11:35:18 CET 2010

I didn't try to play clips with aac sound for a while and wanted to try some clips from IPone (that contain aac sound) and I'm constantly getting crashes. These crashes happen because of memory corruption and malloc returns 0 (I see debug messages about heap corruption). All that happens before even it starts to play anything, sometimes even before av_find_stream_info returns. I tried to debug, and I see that av_find_stream_info internally opens aac decoder. I tried to play different files, no problem, but If I play files with aac it always crashes. I disable aac decoder and recompiled ffmpeg and now it doesn't crash.
Simply dropping a file with aac sound to ffplay crashes it before it even starts playing. Anyone has the same behavior? Seems that it was affected by some recent changes, the same movies that I'm trying to play used to play fine before

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