[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] HAM6/HAM8 support for IFF demuxer/decoder

Sebastian Vater cdgs.basty
Sat May 8 18:03:55 CEST 2010

Sebastian Vater a ?crit :
> But I was looking again on this if that's true for IFF-ANIM...well IFF
> ANIM files have just one FORM...ILBM chunk, and therefore also just one
> BMHD chunk (where the screenmode is defined), so it can't be changed
> afterwards...
> However, I've attached a small bug fix for my HAM support patch which
> identified some files wrongly as having transparent color (old code was
> just checking if transparent color != 0 but that's wrong, the mask
> itself has to be checked).
> Apart from this, it's pretty the same, hope this patch is ok, so we can
> finally add it to git/svn to have full HAM support ;)

Peter just wrote me a mail with an IFF-PBM file with raw compression,
i.e. one which allows me testing the new code for PBM RAW files (where I
removed the CODEC_ID_RAWVIDEO stuff).

And testing it, showed me, it just works like a charm! :)


Best regards,
                   :-) Basty/CDGS (-:

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