[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Dynamic plugins loading

Jason Garrett-Glaser darkshikari
Wed Nov 3 07:54:48 CET 2010

>Promotion to main also includes committment of Canonical in terms of
>maintenance, security updates, etc.
>Given that the request for x264 is unprocessed since 2 years, I don't
>have much hope that mp3lame or xvid will make it:

Is there some need to have a commitment for maintenance for something
that's actively maintained?  Security updates for something that only
takes raw input, and therefore has near-zero chance of a meaningful
security vulnerability (and which has never had a security fix in 6

>>> Would the project accept patches to dlopen() these three libraries at
>>> runtime? Then I could (finally) drop ffmpeg-extra.
>> i have no objection if the respective maintainers agree
> Okay, since AFAIUI you maintain mp3lame.c and xvid, I take this as
> agreement for these codecs.
> Jason? Would you accept something like that for the x264 wrapper?

How exactly does dlopen work?  Can it figure out the right version of
x264 to load, or will it just blindly load the latest and then fail,
like GNU's braindead linker does?

Dark Shikari

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