[FFmpeg-devel] What demuxers are needed for these decoders

phil hefferan wdef200
Wed Nov 10 21:42:46 CET 2010


My apologies if this is not the right list for my query.  I am exploring
shipping ffmpeg commercially in a product. The only codecs that will be
enabled will either be those widely held to be patent unencumbered ( we
assume for present purposes that these are) and those codecs for which we
will purchase patent licensing and pay royalties from the usual patent
pools. Only decoders will be enabled - no encoders. These will be:

Ogg Vorbis
Ogg Theora

Leaving aside distractions such as whether or not the usual licensors will
license FFmpeg or not, my main question here concerns muxers and demuxers.
By default FFmpeg has a large number of these enabled even when all codecs
other than the above are disabled.

What would be the minimum list of demuxers that need to be enabled in FFmpeg
to support use of the above codecs for playing streams via gst-ffmpeg in
Totem?  My plan is first to disable all unneeded demuxers and muxers so we
can then analyze potential patent issues on what remains.

Any help or pointers to where to get help would be much appreciated.



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