[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] MPEG-4 ALS decoder MCC decoding bug (non-lossless output) (Fixes issue 2387)

sprezzatura sprezzatura
Sat Nov 27 02:48:59 CET 2010


> Just a little remark, if you would not have submitted a patch that successfully
> decodes the sample you've uploaded, the original waveform would have been nice
> to have, too.

Ok, I will do so next time. (Anyway you can always get back the original wave
using the Reference Software decoder... ;))

> See my review below:
> ...
> > - int const_block; ///< if true, this is a constant value block
> > - int32_t const_val; ///< the sample value of a constant block
> ?^^^^^^^^^
> Removing const_val is unrelated, see comments below.
> ...
> > - int store_prev_samples;///< if true, carryover samples have to
> be stored
> ?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Unrelated, more comments below.
> ...

Thanks for the review. I wanted to avoid duplicating the variables
unnecessarily because it involves adding many lines of extra code.
(That, and store_prev_samples screws up the vertical alignment. :D)

In the future it might make more sense to duplicate the whole
ALSBlockData structure per channel, since I think it would make
the code shorter.

But for now, I attached a patch without those variables removed,
and duplicated for all channels.

> Nice work except the things I've mentioned.



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