[FFmpeg-devel] License violation

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Wed Aug 17 03:26:18 CEST 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 09:42:29AM +0000, Xeebo wrote:
> From TubeDigger's EULA - SOFTWARE PRODUCT has integrated free media converter
> that uses binaries from FFmpeg and MediaInfo projects and Xeebosoft Ltd has no
> ownership for these binaries.
> Is that is not enough? If you have some proposition just send me copy of your
> corrected version.
> Regarding sources - actually, I do not have them because I downloaded already
> compiled binary :) I can put sources on my page, but I do not know how to
> separate them from installer in case of not confusing users what to download.
> And who will need outdated sources of FFmpeg and its libraries when every
> developer knows where to download them?

You have a point but you are also missing carls point.
There are 2 things.

1. What is morally needed
2. What is legally needed

1. If you improved ffmpeg or fixed bugs, we want the changes :)
   Your users should be told that its FOSS and have the right to
   see and change the source.
   You should give credit to thouse who wrote all the code that you
   can use for free

2. Alot, theres a checklist on ffmpeg.org, theres a faq on gnu.org
   and theres the license text

> Because all my competitors use FFmpeg for converting. I decided to integrate
> converter for free. Now I'm trying to fix as much issues regarding license as
> possible, but you are still unhappy. If you are still thinking that I'm very bad
> person - ok, I'll fix some issues in EULA and this will be my last post here.

noone thinks you are a bad person.

I cant speak for others but as far as iam concerned i dont care much
if you comply to the last letter of the *GPL or not.
I do care to get patches of code improvments back into the main tree
for all to benefit. That thing about not complying to the license is
really your problem not ours. If you feel comfortable with a few
hundread developers being able to sue you and extract money from you
if a single one of them chooses to do so, then no problem at all on
my side.

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