[FFmpeg-devel] FLV "special" metadata

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Thu Aug 25 03:44:04 CEST 2011

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 03:25:04PM -0700, Joseph Wecker wrote:
> Hello! FLV uses metadata packets for normal header metadata but also
> lots of in-band timestamped contextual data (cuepoint signals
> [different from keyframes], randomly defined commands, onTextData,
> in-band subtitles, etc.).
> We do transcoding on live streams and need these metadata constructs
> to survive if possible, in-band (at least for flv->flv at the moment).
> Right now libavformat/flvdec.c only uses these frames to update header
> information when appropriate and then they're dropped. If I modify it
> so that it adds them to the video or audio stream they predictably
> screw the codecs up (libx264 & libfaac at the moment). It seems all
> the current metadata infrastructure was built with a
> 'metadata-is-header-data' assumption- which isn't an option for this
> kind of metadata or for live transcoding in general. So basically I
> want a way to preserve them somehow in flvdec.c so that they can be
> reinserted in flvenc.c. I'm a totally newb to the code base and a lot
> of this stuff in general so please forgive any naivety, but it seems
> like I have two options:
> 1 - modify some struct such as the pkt, when one of these special
> metadata frames comes in drop it but add some data to the next pkt,
> and pull it back out on the flvenc side to reconstruct the dropped
> info. [seems hacky though, fragile, and overkill - certainly unlikely
> to get merged into the main line]
> 2 - in flvdec treat these special metadata frames as subtitle packets
> (and therefore set up a stream in addition to the video/audio ones
> that get set up), in flvenc have it correctly process those subtitle
> packets and turn them into 'special' metadata frames-  using a format
> that is applicable to one of the handful of existing subtitle codecs
> or just creating a simple new subtitle codec. (like 'normal' metadata,
> the inband stuff is essentially just a key/value dictionary). An
> advantage here is it could conceivably be used more generally by other
> codecs / muxers / demuxers.
> Does #2 in particular seem like the "right" approach? Am I way off or
> missing something? Any advice, corrections, or insights appreciated.
> Meanwhile I'll be working on #2 above. Thanks!

when its metadata about something like a specific video frame then
side data in the AVPacket in which that video frame is seems like a
If the whole is more independant then a seperate stream could be

Its hard to say which approuch would work out better

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