[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Re: movenc.c: Allow MPEG2.mov playable under QuickTime Player

Takashi Mochizuki mochi
Sat Feb 12 23:37:20 CET 2011

>>Thanks, could you please split the patch and just have this one hunk.
>>It can be applied right now.
>OK. Here it is.

Hi, is there any issue still now prior to commit?

>Since we parse the mpeg2 frame and retrieve the picture type,
>you can set pts == dts for b frames, for P and I you can compute the pts
>from either the temp_ref or by counting the number of b frames after,
>although I think the temp_ref is the correct way.

I think it is not good way. If I use temporal_reference value to calculate frame pts,
it also requires each frame duration is constant value.

mp4/mov container can handle VFR - thus each sample can have different duration.
To make delayed frame's pts value such like P frame or OpenGop's I frame, 
I have to evaluate it later - add up each B-frame's duration, then delayed frame can 
be fixed. (that is the way my previous patch does)

Takashi Mochizuki

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