[FFmpeg-devel] About guess_correct_pts / AVFrame.best_effort_timestamp

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Fri Feb 18 19:05:30 CET 2011

On 02/18/2011 06:31 PM, Reimar D?ffinger wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 10:23:24PM +0100, Luca Barbato wrote:
>> I tried to explain my reasoning, do you find something that wrong with it?
> I do not remember what you argued but everything I heard ranges from
> "complete nonsense" to "I don't see that happening any time soon and
> I doubt it won't work worse".
> The issue with doing it in libavformat is that you need to have
> AVParsers that can do both pts->dts and dts->pts fillup.
> This is a good bit of code, and for dts->pts we at best have something
> we can reuse in some encoders, but generally we really don't.
> It also means running parsers, parsing headers and stuff twice when
> decoding, and running AVParsers for basically any and all formats, even
> mkv and mov that currently do not need it.

Let me reinstate:

- make containers that couldn't be trusted use parsers. (using caps to
trigger it? )
- move all the guessing/heuristic code in a single file, possibly in
avformat, and make those functions public.
- use the function in ffmpeg/ffplay/ffserver/examples

Does it sound that wrong?



Luca Barbato

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