[FFmpeg-devel] problem in wmapro

Stephane Harnois stephy32
Fri Jan 14 17:43:53 CET 2011

The file display correctly in windows. and the A/V sync is maintained. But since the image ratio is 1.7647 it is close enough to 16/9.

Stephane Harnois <stephy32 <at> videotron.ca> writes:

> i got a wmapro unsupported channel transdorm type. So i uploaded the file at
> upload.ffmpeg.org/MPlayer/incoming the file name is Taxi3_WMVHD_Extract.wmv.

This is now roundup issue 2543.
(Possibly only a bad cut.)

Is the aspect ratio (~16/9) correct for this sample? How does Windows Media
Player show the video?

Thank you for the sample, Carl Eugen


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