[FFmpeg-devel] Thank you

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Jan 28 05:12:40 CET 2011

On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 01:46:33AM +0100, Luca Barbato wrote:
> Here some statistics, I was playing with ranges in git and I came up
> with some data =)
> In 9 days we got about 154 commits from 22 different people.
> 631 files changed, 9814 insertions(+), 10047 deletions(-)
> I'd like to thank everybody for the hard work poured into the project.

me too, and id like to add it would be nice if we could return to
working on code instead of:

whitespace changes
adding of static keywords
adding const,
adding ;
fixing warnings
commiting the wrong patch and reverting it again
moving code around
changeing indention
removing optimizations
removing work in progres code

heres a selection of more than half of the counted commits:

commit b5ec6383432c907bed175f20e39af1a99dc75cfb
    cosmetics: indentation and spacing
commit 9d06d7bce3babb82ed650c13ed13a57f6f626a71
    Remove the add bias hack for the C version of DSPContext.float_to_int16_*().
commit f2589642172d284a67e5bbd6c11c477a2aacda88
    pulled from michaels tree but we hide the fact
commit d1b6f33bf2ce56f013a1c5a013a19671c0f30ea0
    Add ff_ to AVHWAccel decoders
    That unbreaks compilation of vaapi and dxva2
commit c6610a216ed2948885772154a2eed696e0cb4aca
    Prefix all _demuxer, _muxer, _protocol from libavformat and libavdevice.
commit c4f8765ac55562fc6ab705e3d17275b69eb5f71d
    Revert "mov: simplify mov_read_chapters() by using avio_get_str16be"
    The wrong version of the patch was committed.
commit d36beb3f6902b1217beda576aa18abf7eb72b03c
    Add ff_ prefix to data symbols of encoders, decoders, hwaccel, parsers, bsf.
commit 2d162e3825a35b6ac42a27d27c4a3ebbd141828d
    Make ff_cmap_read_palette static to libavcodec/iff.c. Delete iff.h.
commit 4c57cde942b3d28074d0bb06e2ca200bc1098f22
    Add ff_ prefix to ac3_common_init().
commit 24e3ad3031fa26e12d4b939f0ff0dd6e12f05ef5
    ac3: Remove ff_ac3_critical_band_size_tab.
commit eb7ccf8f3369f9e15029ce65370a114206b39fd5
    Make the avfilter debug functions and macros static to avfilter.c
commit 7767d8d361ca104d74c8390b72db21aa4d7fc322
    Mark C base versions of FFT functions static to fft.c
commit 1a8867486215abe3b705f7d189723d528cea2b70
    Make ff_add_wav static to ra144.c
commit 57c4d01ec9286b3b9f9a0101654f7bc8a00edb63
    Make ff_rtsp_send_cmd_with_content_async static to rtsp.c.
commit 13eb6b90977768116c937c5d6b2e074679a3ad21
    Make ff_h264_find_frame_end static to h264.c; delete h264_parser.h
commit cf1d794a490444e710dc16606fa57c0db96d5f25
    Make ff_ass_subtitle_header static to ass.c
commit d625a32d6ba0405e6da061991dfd90f6da2a3b7a
    Make ff_sin_tabs constant to rdft.c
commit ebb06d96ed3f6e1c16f2d40e55c151b5b5522918
    Make ff_spatial_idwt_{init, slice} static to dwt.c
commit f2e246f576cd53e75b3696e1db418be98fbda76f
    Make ff_png_pass_xmin and ff_png_pass_xshift static to png.c.
commit 676f1f533e2c2960d81784188592a066b9ff1c3d
    Remove unused ff_ac3_parse_header_full function.
commit a3dffc0627dfd85f8b1a72b9b637938dfa197208
    Make ff_mxf_pixel_layouts static to mxf.c.
commit 8529731961d79fc0e747b16152df3d470b530537
    Make ff_h264_decode_rbsp_trailing static to h264.c
commit 101e1f6ff90c3365bfde05469ae26d2ee7f71f3e
    Make ff_interleave_compare_dts static to utils.c.
commit 2934cd9dbf390962ec008182f9eddd4296cf5527
    asfdec: remove some commented-out cruft
commit 93b78d12106112d7c5d9cfdcf96fc3dce9dc5f82
    lavf: make a variant of ff_get_str16_nolen public
commit 1e48cdaac32e42a5c87a8f203b5827bdcc46db93
    tty: remove superflous #include <strings.h>
commit 21c900129c268587fa2df774242bfd8af72ff890
    ac3: remove ff_ac3_critical_band_size_tab[] external declaration
commit 6ed3b504f984dc6cefde8d57a57726f9d30e5033
    Move ff_ac3_critical_band_size_tab in ac3.c for non-hardcoded tables.
commit 362bfe29971b3bb8497d2b341337697be15a257c
    Remove unused ac3_parametric_bit_allocation function.
commit 54fe299b885109556c72538977f9eefb969a0d87
    configure: move network tests before results are needed
commit 6e78c8ee9420cc8e8899462b59e2305b4c056081
    mpegtsenc: remove unused variables
commit e153e9a53a6fbfba974b8263bca70f7bba02952c
    latm: remove superflous #includes
commit 6081f8c4e283bf1b33e4cf4b2ca44217219f9210
    avidec: make print_tag() a macro and remove related ifdefs
commit 119cc033fc88f4a7d6cc4ef6ee02097476e8f2a9
    Make RTPFirstDynamicPayloadHandler static to rtpdec.c
commit 69ad22c7a7c2d961b413f96b437de267261311e2
    Make ff_realmedia_mp3_dynamic_handler static.
commit aa61e39eac85e26bff0f296b1ec86d4533664adc
    Make denoise_dct_c() and dct_quantize_trellis_c() static in definitions
commit 5b5083b5fed1e0b0d8f3c6f2c21bdc915b1226f6
    Don't declare a pcm_dvd encoder.
commit 73a0b19ba39a4aca79a768feeacd83307a62836e
    Don't check for DEBUG before using dprintf.
commit a6d1bd05c906fc7ad34fae1029a45ec3cbcc4fcc
    Make local variables static.
commit f0a8676958c8e11c49cf9dd1127cb8937d2a7108
    Make dvenc.c functions static to the unit.
commit 1d4da6a460d5b78026e3b854fdd6f469957a054c
    Make denoise_dct_c and dct_quantize_trellis_c static.
commit bb875b75bab4d1713f8251746b01785c19965a9f
    Make the ff_lockmgr_cb function pointer static to utils.c
commit 3568853f63e1ab8ff1fc0773a132d14187a0e2d8
    Make this_year static to cmdutils.c
commit 82e1f217f276b4b3fda1f89a836126275a97ca9b
    Rename sf_table in atrac.c unit to ff_atrac_sf_table.
commit 53493f9a8176009fc514c386ee31cafcafc8539a
    Mark qmf_window table static to atrac.c unit.
commit e836b1b0859798488d8ba45a837dc27bac2ee99f
    rtspdec: Move rtsp_read_pause up, next to rtsp_read_play
commit fef5649a820b30432578e1440776e7a71bd523cc
    rtsp: Make make_setup_request a nonstatic function
commit 4be170c9371dfd3ae07a348b449002fc1d2b70e4
    Use av_fast_malloc instead of av_realloc.
commit dacbcd170a329dda2014159ca9fc9d11d887625c
    reindent after last commit
commit f162e988aa0dc8df93079b5ebf452ec281ab8793
    Remove redundant checks against MIN_CACHE_BITS
commit 611a6f59ce91947b25033bb8d0f9311b5c542b05
    get_bits: move tracing macros to end of file
commit fb5c841d5f05ae54b699ba6ef28356a6563751eb
    These whitespace changes improve the readability of the get_bits
commit bf5f9b528b4117596afc57578a36e7b5728b15d3
    Some of the macros in get_bits.h include a final semicolon,
    some do not.  This removes these or adds do {} while(0) around
    the macros as appropriate and adds semicolons where needed in
    calling code.
commit 938f72e19957e9ee3f4ae2bee2fb53ded359009f
    Remove "libmpeg2" bitstream reader
commit fcb7e535dd9ad142c079af62af9c1d0f4b001057
commit ff3d43104fa5df0a3f4b52ff9b989ce2d11ad35d
    Remove H.264 encoder fragments
commit db2ddd38859b26c0a4e4bf92619625cd7e0e7f42
    Remove outdated and confusing comment.
commit f4b1e21a6304cda58ac36401d8f8dec7ff61d056
    fate: make lavfi tests output only md5
commit f4096bf6eeddc605457192476dbbf110d4cc6140
    dca: add profile names
commit 69915b48d6a787e569826eecb6c3b34ec19aeccd
    iir: Change dst param to float* in ff_iir_filter_flt().
commit dccbd97d72991f4df63542e1ee03db2f8d7a0238
    lavf: move ff_put_str16_nolen from asf to avio and rename it
commit 1c189fc5334d4a687b15861d81d22c8ba2c9cd5e
    cosmetics related to LPC changes.
commit 50196a982bf7c8be9b41053fa0975473c217e709
    lavf: move the version macros to a new header
commit 2611e52088b923601c83d331e8047d6e572abb82
    dca: pretty-print some tables
commit 0361d13cf3956dcf38f31b9df97aca9301cdc86a
    iir: change filter type if/else to a switch.
commit 66c6b5e2a5e6376c4a5c65b1d96fd7a1580bdfcf
    Revert 2a1f431d38ea9c05abb215d70c7dc09cdb6888ab, it broke H264 lossless.
commit 75b98610a7ce7acf34f583a04aaccd8c619947fe
    cosmetics: vertical alignment and line wrap
commit d42dc217ed2b0f886ffc50b26c2bbff1fee5feca
    Add memory allocation failure checks to ff_iir_filter_init_coeffs().
commit ebb230279aa0ecc2fda4c617860eb354531d4b63
    cosmetics: wrap long line
commit 46a2da7698634214eed6d269fc72d284e3d3700f
    id3v2: make ff_id3v2_parse static
commit c0dd5653043ca57848dfa480d02d581c7eb1d710
    libavcodec minor version is > 99 so fix the formating
commit b0c1b66a4bd2a3f55bde2a03334809504178918a
    armcc: suppress warning about hardfp compatibility
commit 5a92140b6e170159d67fb7035a82bbbf97382fed
    armcc: suppress 'assignment in condition' warning
commit a6e5d231e9e2d42a7441de71db309ce1710e9711
    a64enc: make PixelFormat arrays const
commit ef4a65149db95acc7271a425a2cd0d2259740c84
    Replace ASMALIGN() with .p2align
commit 324e7ee260b16d33a14c8a1a9909fa54bf1e996b
    Use INFINITY and NAN macros instead of 1/0 and 0/0
commit daed21a17e42bd3f8f561eaf46651780fd6babfa
    avfilter: remove stray semicolon
commit 69c92320d760d3925d5c83c4fbca6012deef4195
    Update git-howto with ffmpeg.org URLs
commit 2c3589bfda036c7827ded0bf38b16dfe7630bae1
    consolidate .gitignore patters into a single file
commit a5da3b040c76f263292288161220ff586da93eb5
    Deprecate CREDITS
commit f4f5cab94e0881cd30965b28f3d78d9c63d6918e
    Initial MAINTAINERS update
commit d425a03b591f0d458a85b0fc8d559c4b4a0e7d14
    cosmetics: reinden

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