[FFmpeg-devel] BUGREPORT with aac encoding/decoding

Martin Wöginger martin.woeginger
Wed Mar 2 23:07:46 CET 2011

Hi there, 

after reading your "How to report a bug" I am a little confused which list is the correct list to send reports. 

Well, I need to convert a lot of mp3 files and m4a files (thousands) down to a bitrate of 64k, which works well. But with one audiofile I get huge problems, the output is broken, it sounds awful. Its just that file. I tried two linux systems, head compilation, tag 0.6.1 compilation, with shared libs, without, all with the same bad result. 

BUT: on osx (10.6.6) with ffmpeg 0.6.1 everything works fine. the output of ffmpeg in the console is exactly the same as on linux, but the converted files are different. 

the files are in your incoming ftp directory in "m4a_bitrate_conversion_error_linux"

I tried the whole day converting the file, asking a collegue to do same, it was simple not possible on linux. And I did convert a lot of files already successful. And yes, the bad file, is an original itunes store audio which I bought myself, so there is no doubt something got rotten by any illegal download. 


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