[FFmpeg-devel] test

Rob robert.swain
Wed Mar 16 08:09:22 CET 2011

On 16 March 2011 05:46, The Wanderer <wanderer at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> On 03/15/2011 10:43 PM, compn wrote:
>> testing. is this thing on ?
>> welcome back to the list!
> So... which project's list(s) am I now on? I haven't been following the
> discussion for some time, and though I've been reading through some of
> the backlog since receiving the notification of list subscription
> changeover, I'm still not clear on which "side" - if either - currently
> controls the mailing lists.

Michael and company have claimed the ffmpeg.org domain so the 'new
team' that staged a takeover a few months ago moved to
http://libav.org/ and made new lists there, announced them and shut
down the old ones as that infrastructure no longer operates on the
ffmpeg.org domain and will not for the foreseeable future.

People are being automatically subscribed to new ffmpeg.org lists it seems.


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