[FFmpeg-devel] DPX Encoder

Enrique Ramirez enrram1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:30:23 CET 2011

Hello all,

I am in need of a DPX Encoder for a project I am working on. Unfortunately
the ImageMagick encoder does not fit the bill. Basically we are taking a
folder of DPX files and converting them to a v210 encoded AVI file. The AVI
file is then fed to an engine that compresses and sends over the wire, we
then need to convert that AVI file back to the DPX files and folder
structure. I can step through it using FFmpeg to decode the DPX to the avi
file and then use FFmpeg to convert back to image file and then use
ImageMagick's convert to turn back to DPX. The problem is the overhead that
would need to be installed on the systems for ImageMagick and the conversion
command can't be done on one line. And the other main deciding factor is
that they want it done with FFmpeg.

I sent a few emails directly to individuals who might be able to help, but
thought I would send here too to see if anyone might have some time to help
out. I truly apologize for the short notice. But I thought I had it working
with ImageMagick and then was told it needs to be strictly FFmpeg.  I need
something by Wed or so. Is this doable?

Thank you very much!

Enrique Ramirez

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