[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg.org Website Suggestion

Víctor Paesa victorpaesa at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:30:36 CEST 2011


On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 20:42, Lou Logan wrote:

> To whom it may concern at FFmpeg,
> I was just talking to one of our web developers about FFmpeg and sent
> me a link to your website. I noticed that you have a FFmpeg-Based
> Projects page at http://ffmpeg.org/projects.html and would like to
> suggest our site, Fotosearch.com. We use FFmpeg to process all of the
> 180,000 videos on our site!

That page is to show *software* projects that are based on FFmpeg.
Is nice to hear that FFmpeg happily processes so many videos, but
plain usage of FFmpeg as a convertor does not qualify (for example,
Youtube is well known to use FFmpeg, and is not listed there).


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