[FFmpeg-devel] Possible concealment bug

Hardik Sharma hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 8 00:33:39 CEST 2011

After some analysis on my results, I am thinking that the error I am getting is a possible bug. 

My problem and the analysis is as follows-
I encoded the yuv foreman sequence with 300 slice size, bitrate 512kbps, framerate 30 and GOP size 20 frames (aka keyint 20). I am getting 2488 number of slices for this 300 frame video sequence.      

I tried to check some values by dropping each and every slice one by one. Some couple of 200 slices are such that out of 2488 slices that if I drop any of those slice, the error goes beyond the gop all over the remaining frame. It is defeating the purpose of keeping gop size and putting key frame in the start of every gop. Also as the error spread from that slice to all the remaining frames, it also drops frame during decoding. I got a drop of around 25-27 frames and thats a lot to drop your PSNR drastically. Please let me know regarding this problem.          

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