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Matthew Einhorn moiein2000 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 17:29:19 CEST 2011

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 10:36 AM, cagri sener <cagriisener at hotmail.com>wrote:

> i looked these documents.but they are very complicated for me.i dont
> decision where i start to programming.firstly i use AVFormatContext
> initialize for some parameters and av_open_input_file functions.
> but after that i dont know how to handle inserting images and adding
>  video.where is the video be created ?maybe my questions are silly but i
> confuse with this project.and i am not  an expert for working with
> multimedia but i must do.
>  you sent a lot of email but i dont understand what you explained too.if
> you care of me and be patient ,i ask some questions.
> Firstly i want to writing a class  that has a constructur of course, and i
> have initialized AVFormatContext and AVFormatParameters(width,height ...).
> Secondly in class' openVideo functions i used av_open_input_file with
> convenient parameters AVFormatContext.But after that what can i do and how
> to handle my images insert video.
> this mechanism how to work in ffmpeg.some variables which is AVFrame
> ,AVPicture AVCodecContext there exist but i dont understand using these
> variables.if you explain and show me using ffmpeg's methods
> i will very happy.

First, you should probably ask these questions on libav-user at ffmpeg.org not
here, because this mailing list is meant for developing. So, you should
reply to libav-user at ffmpeg.org to continue this discussion and get input
from more users.

Second, I wrote some dll wrappers which lets you take take images and add it
to a video file (as well as other things). Unfortunately, it doesn't have
any audio components (yet). However, it should help you see how video is
typically done using the ffmpeg libraries. I'm attaching the headers and cpp
files only, if you want the full MSVC project let me know and I'll email it
to you because it relatively large. The headers and cpp files are commented,
but it also contains other stuff, like decoding so you'll have to look
around to find the relevant sections of code.

I do want to say, that I don't think it's trivial to do what you wish to do
if you're not familiar with ffmpeg because there's a learning curve and the
only way to learn is to study other people's code, the ffmpeg code and
headers and experiment. Also, look at the tutorials at the bottom of the
page posted here http://ffmpeg.org/documentation.html

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