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Since the lawsuit is carried out in South Korea to threaten the spirit of
freedom of the Open Source, we share the relevant details in the community
and seek the solution.

Especially, the company concerned asserts that the developer of the x264,
ffmpeg-mt, which is Open Source, is involved in illegal activities, such as
the illegal use of the relevant patent, the application of it to the source,
and the distribution of it.

The company asserts that the Open Source community violated the patent and
the relevant details are as follows:

1. Patent applicant: Dideonet (http://www.dideonet.com)

2. Patent application date: October 11, 2004

3. Patent title: Parallel processing apparatus and its method for multimedia
data using pipeline architecture arranged in tires

4. Patent details: See the attached file (

5. Details of the asserted violations of the patent:

   - The x264, the ffmpeg-mt library distributed to the Open Source is
   illegally using the patent of Dideonet.
   - All the programs using the x264, ffmpeg-mt library actually violates
   Dideonet’s patent.
   - Consequently, the amount equivalent to 10% of the sales of the related
   products must be compensated.

      (Related article:

The summary of the patent violation lawsuit:

1. Dideonet filed for lawsuits against patent violation targeting several
companies, based on the patent mentioned above, as of Jan. 22, 2010.

   * Daum Communications’ products, Pot Encoder, Pot Player  (

   * Gretech Corp.’s GOM Encoder, GOM Player (http://encoder.gomtv.com)

2. On Jan. 29, 2010, Daum Communications filed for a patent nullification
trial, asserting that there exist nullification reasons. These reasons
include that the patent’s scope is very comprehensive and its
characteristics are not clear, and some technologies were included, which
were disclosed prior to the patent application date.

3. Daum Communications’ nullification trial was rejected in the court, and
Daum Communications appealed on Sep. 27, 2011.


1. Dideonet plans to file for patent lawsuits against the companies using
the technology concerned (x264, ffmpeg-mt, etc.), starting in Korea, if the
company wins the patent lawsuit.


In the event that the patent right use is acknowledged, thorough review, on
whether the x264, ffmpeg-mt library violates Dideonet’s patent:

1. I need to precisely disclose the patent right details of Dideonet, and
take action so that any victims in good faith are not generated any more.

2. I hope to develop an algorithm that is unrelated to the patent and apply
it to the Open Source and develop it.

When it is found that there is no patent violation:

1. I request for some assistance so that the trial field by Daum
Communications can win by offering the relevant details to Daum
Communications so as to nullify the patent of Dideonet, or so as to prove
that other technology was applied to the x264, ffmpeg-mt library.

I hope for your sincere interest in this matter.

Thanks. reply to x264crisis at gmail.com
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